At IIFL Wealth Advisors, we understand the financial and fiduciary responsibility that a treasury and investment manager holds. Understanding the role that the treasury team plays, we have designed our offerings to play a supporting role.

In a dynamic global environment and changing regulatory environment, the decisions of treasury (investment, capital raising, risk management etc) are under increasing and constant scrutiny. Our consultative approach to institutional advisoryallows us to work through the entire investment process from defining the objectives, formulation of investment & risk framework, building relevant benchmarks and reporting from a performance, risk and a governance perspective.

We provide cash & investment management solutions as per the firm's investment policy framework with the objective to earn the best risk adjusted return.
​The ​Investment policy provides a framework for management​, taking into account the permissible asset allocation ​,criteria for security selection​, risk metrics for portfolio construction (Sector limits, credit rating, mark to market limits, etc.)
Investment drivers for the treasury are ascertained, comprising of - cash flow requirement ​,​ ​l​iquidity requirements ​, tolerance to mark to market limits​, time horizon of capital availability
Portfolio construction​ is completed using ​an​ ​appropriate asset mix ​, ​ interest rate sensitive exposures and credit exposures​, suitable security mix.
The treasuries are well served by laying emphasis on robust portfolio construction, relevant for varying external environments.

Investment Policy Formulation
Regulatory, risk management, investment and organisational objectives have a significant influence on working of the treasury or investment function. Our highly experienced team works with you to formulate a customised investment policy based on your various objectives and requirements.

Strategizing Asset Allocation
Our core belief is that asset allocation is the most important aspect of the investment management process. We work along with organizations to build strategic & tactical allocation ranges at asset, sub-asset class and investment vehicle levels.

Fund Manager Selection &
Due Diligence
Our selection process organizes various attributes of the investment manager's performance & risk parameters in a manner that allows for easy understanding and effective benchmarking. This analytical process is followed with a detailed qualitative study of the investment manager.

Performance Reporting & Monitoring
We understand the importance of getting both a macro view of your portfolio as well as a drilled-down view. Our experienced team designs performance monitoring reports that allow you to view the portfolios at multiple levels across asset classes, investment vehicles, investment managers, themes and time periods and across portfolio attributes.

Treasury & Corporate Data Support
Treasury teams analyse data at multiple levels - global & domestic macro economic data, industry, asset class, specific investments before taking investment decisions. Our relationship managers and data support functions are able to build data rooms from publicly available data but customised and presented to specific needs.
Our Institutional Advisory Team works with non-individual entities such as companies, banks, insurance companie and trusts in achieving their defined objectives. Some of our clients in this segement include leading banks, IT companies, auto majors and other large corporate houses.

Large Institutions


Insurance Companies


One of the defining characteristic of all our clients is that they are highly profitable and continue to generate surplus cash flows beyond their business requirements to be deployed in financial investments. The continuous excess cash flow generating ability of these businesses warrant an actively managed investment function with a focus on exploiting relative value opportunities from time to time.
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