Our clients' trust on our time-tested approach has led them to experience an even greater level of peace of mind.
We make your money work harder than ever before

We ensure that your capital is growing consistently for long periods (compounding) of time at a pace comfortable enough to achieve your financial goals.

We do not attempt to predict market outcomes but engage in allocating capital into various asset classes (asset allocation) at a reasonable price (valuation).

We are serious about your money

We believe that the true risk in investments is permanent erosion of capital / growing wealth below inflation levels and not price volatility.

We adequately diversify your portfolios at the asset / sub asset and security level. We do not allocate to businesses that have high levels of borrowing"

We are with you for the long run

Our central focus while constructing your portfolio is to grow your capital without any permanent erosion over a long term.

Our investment strategies / solutions are formulated to achieve long term client financial objectives and not to deliver payoffs based on the outcome of specific events (eg. elections, budgets, etc.)

Our approach is designed to free your mind

Our decision making process is guided by empirical data at all points of time.

Capital allocation to different assets (asset allocation) and the price (valuation) at which an asset is bought remain the key anchors to the decision making process while constructing the portfolio. Our investment decisions are driven by valuation, as we believe that 'No asset is worth buying at any price'

Our business engine is driven by a collaborative advisory model. This model has our relationship managers taking the lead in client facing, guided by the central advisory team on investment advisory and supported by the operations team in execution , reporting and accounting.

How does the Collaborative model help you?

This model helps your relationship manager be equipped with institutional support throughout. It allows the collective experience and knowledge of our team and expert partners, to flow through to our clients.

Your Relationship Manager’s individual capabilities are an asset on top of what our firm can provide and not the sum total of the service.

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